Radio MMU


Radio Multimedia University studio is located at the lower ground floor of the Faculty of Engineering building in MMU Cyberjaya Campus, Selangor, Malaysia. The Radio Station is an important edutainment unit of the University designed to serve the students and the wider community by providing sensational musics and information using the Internet Radio technology.

First webcasted through the Internet on June 1998, Radio MMU was formerly known as Radio Unitele based in Multimedia University Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia. Presented on the virtual communication medium (Internet), Radio MMU can be listened worldwide at a very considerable bandwith 32-56 Kbps.

Currently, Radio MMU offers 24-hour services featuring the MMU students as deejays under the supervision of Mr. Abdul Lazi bin Nordin (advisor for MMU Deejay Club). It is our hope that through Radio MMU, we will be able to achieve our mission as well as entertaining our lovely listeners.


Vision and Mission

Radio Multimedia aims to serve as one of the instructional resources used to deliver high quality Distance Education programme for the Multimedia University students and as a training ground for new deejays and students undertaking the Deejay Programme as their curricular subject.

At a higher level, Radio MMU aims to introduce Malaysian with the concept of Internet Radio and educate them on how to use this coursework writers uk technology wisely. Through our radio station, we hope our deejays will be able to meet new friends from all over the world and develop good personality and communication skills. The commitment, cooperation and talents will be important aspects in order to achive this mission.



In the year of 1998, Radio MMU was known as Radio Unitele that is based in Multimedia University Melaka Campus, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. And now in the year of 2015, we are known as Radio MMU that will be celebrating 17th Anniversary this year.

Radio MMU is an Internet-based Radio Station that being first webcasted through the Internet on June 1998. Currently, Radio MMU’s studio is located at the lower ground floor of the Faculty of Engineering building in Multimedia University Cyberjaya Campus.

Radio MMU is providing sensational music and information using the Internet Radio technology by 24-hour broadcasting services from Monday to Sunday during the trimester starts till the end of the trimester.We features Deejay Club members as deejays on air in 4 different languages – English, Malay, Mandarin and Cantonese. In addition, Radio MMU aims to serve as a training ground for new deejays . Students can register themselves as a member of Deejay Club and they have the chance being a deejay of Radio MMU if they are eligible enough.



Mr. Abdul Lazi bin Nordin
Advisor of Radio MMU DJ Club &
Head of Corporate Communications Unit
Multimedia University

Foreword by
The Advisor of Radio MMU

Radio Multimedia University, as a formal representative of the MMU edutainment unit defines a new entertainment and information platform for Malaysian especially the MMU students through the medium of Internet. Trusted with my assignments online skills and qualifications, I am honoured with the task as the Manager of Radio Multimedia University and the Advisor of MMU Deejay’s Club.

Dedicated in providing 24-hours edutainment services, it have been a challenging but enjoyable moments for me to develop the radio station with the help of those lovely deejays who work very hard to ensure the success. Their commitment, enthusiasm and talent really impressed me. Through this worthy package, I’m sure that Radio Multimedia University will achieve a better level it deserved.

I would like to express my gratitude to to all the listeners of Radio Multimedia University.
You have been a great audience for us!